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How to Advertise a Small Business

The following resources provide general information on marketing and advertising your small business.

How to Comply with Advertising Laws

Good marketing is critical to the success of your business. Marketing has many dimensions, including market research, pricing, advertising, packaging and labeling, distribution and customer service. Investing in a good marketing plan will generate excellent returns.

But there's more to a winning marketing plan or advertising campaign than a profitable product or service. Unfair, untruthful or purposely deceptive advertising can result in costly penalties. The topics below provide information on how to legally advertise your small business:

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How to Make Environmental Claims

Did you know that federal law requires sellers and producers of green products to back up their claims or face penalties from the Federal Trade Commission?

  • Comply with Environmental Marketing Regulations
  • Get Your Products Green Certified
  • Learn More About Green Marketing

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