Emergency Preparedness

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Natural disasters and emergencies may happen at any time. Even a burst pipe can spell disaster for a home-based business. Planning for disasters in advance and keeping those plans updated may help ensure the survival of your business. The following resources will help you plan for emergencies and natural disasters, and recover your business after a disaster strikes.

Before an Emergency

After an Emergency

Management Tips

  • If you aren't sure whether your business is at risk from disasters caused by natural hazards, check with your local city engineering offices, Red Cross chapter, or planning and zoning administration. They can tell you whether you are in an area where hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, wildfires, or tornadoes are likely to occur.
  • Talk to your local insurance agent to make sure your business is covered for fire, theft, personal injury (yourself and your clients), and liability.
  • Create a plan in advance for dealing with an emergency and keep the plan updated. Know what business records will need to be preserved and what you will need to bring your business back.
  • Consider off-site storage for important business records and documentation. A contractor kept all his records in a fireproof safe in his office. The offices were gutted in a fire. When the safe was opened, everything inside had melted, due to the extreme heat.

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