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The row of Search Engine is the most important factor compared with any other Search Engine of google of row particularly. It is important to obtain the higher row in our place in SERP or we could lose with our competitors. Obtaining the main thing 3 lining up for any word scanned for in the Search Engine of google is not an easy task. This is why, the majority of the experts as regards SEO friendly web directory charge with the thousands of dollars offering this service without promises to obtain on the first spot.

The analysis of row of Search Engine will help you to obtain in the higher position for any key word aimed in your place. For this, you must make use of the external tool of key word of Adword. For example, if you seek the row of Search Engine, you will obtain 95.000 average research in month. Reduce the screen at the end from the page where you will see research minimum or Not-given. Choose this key word and start to write an article or a post of blog about it sprinkling key word 1 - 3 times in 200 - 300 words of article.

Then, made a certain building of business web directory using the key word aimed as a your name in the section comments binding to the post of blog (anchored key word) in blogs of dofollow. It will be better if the page comment on you have P.R. Surveillez your row with google for the key word aiming you. In my case, I tested with the analysis of row of Search Engine. I am sure that it will be in the higher spot soon because not much will compete with for the low key word of volume of research. If you able to do this in long life, I are sure you can have to thousands of visitors each day of the Search Engine of google.

Now, I indicated a secrecy of obtaining to supplement the row in the Search Engine of google in the time of the 2 or 3 days.

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