the mechanical approach

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Basically of the aspect of the mechanical approach, all the network computer is world has a true of the same function although it there has difference between the hard networks and cables Wifi of network, but it is the low idea connecting two computers or more to allow together them can communicate.
The medical examination of prolongation of between computers is by Ethernet using 5 category or cat 5, cable and jack RJ 45 in the circuit upwards. The cable then will take a step in left Ethernet with the computer or the waiter. This physical prolongation connected 2 computers. If we like with the joints a certain computer another we let us use the so-called peripheral router. The router has some left prolongations allotted to by another computer having the medical examination in the circuit with the router, so that the computer having the same bond can now speak. It is one of the low concept of visualizations of the million network in the world. The router will make the internal network which will give the IP of address to the Web of the world handles hereafter all the communications with the external world for the internal network which will increase the number of computer which there is in Web of the world and protects all the computer because the router handles all the communications.
Computer which in the circuit requires the language which in the computer of limit called like protocol. Most generally applied in this network of protocol is the TCP/IP amalgamating of the protocol two to differ while working narrowly and explains how the file forwarded between two computer and is interaction between both.
It is only elementary network which will give the network of arrangement how to work.

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